The mission of the (SFD) Strathmore Fire Department’s water rescue division is to provide aquatic & ice rescue emergency service capabilities in the town of Strathmore, neighbouring communities, and Wheatland County including the Bow River.   Although not dive-capable, SFD is fully trained and equipped to provide surface & ice rescue services which is appropriate for the vast majority of the water related calls that we have historically received, and anticipate responding to in the future.  The department also promotes safe practices and enjoyment of the surrounding waterways in all seasons.

SFD’s certified aquatic surface rescuers and ice rescue technicians are trained in swift water rescue tactics, ice rescue tactics, rope systems, boat operations and rapid deployment, hydrology, hyperthermia treatment, field first aid treatment, and victim management. Our team has also worked with regional law enforcement and government agencies to find lost people, recover drowning victims, injured animals, and personal property.

The team's tools includes an 18ft landing craft jet boat and a 12ft Zodiac inflatable boat always primed for active duty and equipped with current water related rescue equipment such as swift water rescue suits, floatation devices, reach aids and throw bags.  The jet boat is also equipped with an underwater sonar system and GPS and has sufficient lighting to accommodate extreme low visibility situations.   A fully equipped water rescue trailer responds to each aquatic emergency to provide rescuers with additional support or gear as needed. This trailer also serves as a command center, and rehab center on long duration events.

Water & Ice Rescue

Whether a hazardous materials 18 wheeler rolling thru on the Trans Canada Highway or an accidental spill of kitchen chemical at home, the Town of Strathmore Fire Departments Hazardous Material Response Unit can manage the situation.  With our current HAZMAT trailer we can provide a security of dangerous materials to be cleaned up and protect sewer and water, water ways and canals. This trailer is equipped with booms, dykes, pads, over pack barrels, hand brooms and shovels, and more.  This trailer can be pulled into location with either our Rescue Truck or our Bush Buggy.  The trailer once on site can also double as a logistical staging area for equipment deployed to the site or extra materials coming in. This asset is only as good as the members using it and so our team is dedicated to training on this apparatus.  While our main area of operation is Strathmore we are committed to serving our neighbouring communities with our resources and our team.

The Strathmore Fire Department provides many Fire and Rescue related services to the Town of Strathmore and surrounding area including some specialized programs outlined below:


High Angle

The Strathmore Fire Department High Angle team was developed to deliver rescue and public safety services. Team members are trained to NFPA 1006 standards and strive to develop and deliver the most current rescue techniques. Services provided include rescues of patients from various structures like towers, shafts, buildings, bridges, job sites, river shores or valleys. Our team also secures debris from heights which threaten public safety. These services are available to the Town of Strathmore and surrounding area.